Hot Number Strategy
for winning the Lottery

Winning Strategy (Frequency Theory)

There are a bunch of strategies out there for winning the lottery. One of the more popular ones, and rightfully so, is picking "Hot" Numbers. Its a proven strategy and its been tested over and over. I recommend it if your serious about anting to win the lottery.

The Basic strategy is this. Some numbers have a better success rate than others. This differs from standard number theory in which asumes that all number have an equal chance of coming up in a drawing.

The reality shows and history of drawings shows us that the standard number theory is wrong. There are definitely certain numbers which will come up more often than others.

Following the "Frequency" Theory, you simply need to study the results to identify and choose the "Hot" humbers and avoid the "Cold" numbers. Hot numbers are the ones which are drawn most often, and of course "Cold" numbers are numbers which are drawn the least.

Please note this will not work on some lotto systems because certain lottery systems are based on another system. However, in Texas MegaMillions, we have noticed a tendency for Hot Numbers to remain Hot, and cold cold.

Once you have chosen your "Hot Numbers" dont forget to buy the tickets for your highest chances of winning.

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